There are few things better than the feeling of being greatly rewarded for a job well done.  In the workplace, for instance, one sure way of motivating employees to perform is by rewarding them with either gifts or cash incentives.

Money or Gifts?

Some people say that receiving a gift is better than getting cash, while others say the opposite.  Interestingly, some studies indicate that most employees view a cash incentive as an “extension” of their salary, while a gift is something that they would not usually purchase for themselves.  Meanwhile, a group called the Incentive Federations claim that gifts are more effective than cash in terms of motivating employees.  Still, regardless of this debate, everybody agrees that simply being rewarded for hard work, time, and effort is a wonderful feeling, indeed!

The Bagel Story

A few years back, Dunkin Donuts carried out an incentive program entitled the “Brilliant Bagel Campaign.”  The purpose of the program was to promote their latest line of bagels, and at the same time recognize their best-performing employees.  How did they do this?  

First, sales clerks who were able to sell the highest number of bagels were rewarded with items such as company T-shirts, hats, and even gym bags.  Secondly, during their “bagel training” periods, employees where given “scratch-off” tickets.  Each ticket had a corresponding instant prize, such as a stopwatch radio or a mini-flashlight.

Needless to say, the Brilliant Bagel Campaign turned out to be a huge success.  In just nine months of carrying out the campaign, bagel sales reached about 10% of the company’s total product sales.  Later studies also revealed that more than half of Dunkin Donuts’ customers are aware of their bagel products, which proves further that the program was truly successful.  In fact, the company is now reported to be the biggest retailer of bagels in the U.S.

Creating Excitement

Dunkin Donuts’ success story with their bagel campaign can also be yours!  Just don’t forget the importance of motivating your employees or the people who contribute to your company.  Create some excitement by offering gifts and giveaways as a method of rewarding their hard work.  You’d be surprised by how just a simple item — when given at the right time and with the best of intentions — can go a long way.