Perhaps you have heard of the phrase “beauty for a cause” from beauty pageants such as Miss Universe or Miss World.  Beyond all that beauty and glamour, the phrase suggests something that goes deeper — giving food to the needy, building houses for the homeless, caring for the environment, and many other causes.

In the same way, the phrase “business for a cause” describes how a business may be involved in a project or campaign that gives something to those who need it the most.  By doing so, the business is able to help others and promote their brand at the same time.

Finding Your Passion

The first step towards promoting your “business for a cause” is to find out what your passions are.  If you are an animal lover, then your cause could be to help build or raise funds for an animal shelter.  If healthy living is your thing, then you could organize a campaign for promoting organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Love books?  You could start a book drive and give the donated books to children who cannot afford to buy them.  The possibilities are endless!  

Promoting Your Cause

Once you have identified your cause, then you can start planning how to promote it.  For the animal shelter, you could print your business logo on T-shirts with pictures of adorable puppies and kitties.  Announce that profits from T-shirt sales will be used for building an animal shelter, and for sure animal lovers would be glad to participate!  

For the book drive, you could print key chains with your business logo and a nice quote about books and reading.  For every book donation, you could give a key chain as a way of promoting your cause as well as your business.  Similarly, for your campaign about healthy living, you could organize a fun run, with your logo and cause printed on running shorts or shirts.     

Giving Back

Whether it’s a book drive, fun run, or cute animal T-shirt — the bottom line of every business for a cause is to “give back.”  It is a way of showing to world that your business is not just out to make profits, but that these profits are being used for something good and worthwhile.  And when people hear that your business is involved in something that they are also passionate about, then they would be more than willing to participate in your cause!